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Explore the exquisite collection of Engagement Rings at Alex Wong Jewellery, where elegance meets attainability. Our selection spans a broad array of designs, from the breathtaking sparkle of fully embellished pieces to the timeless grace of classic, minimalist settings, ensuring the perfect symbol for every love story. Whether you're enchanted by the grandeur of a solitaire ring or the delicate intricacy of a halo setting, each ring is a testament to our dedication to supreme craftsmanship and aesthetic perfection.

At Alex Wong Jewellery, we embrace the philosophy that the beauty of diamonds should be accessible to all who are marking a moment of commitment. That's why we provide a comprehensive assortment of engagement rings that accommodate a variety of preferences and financial considerations, without compromising the splendor or allure of our offerings. Discover your ideal Engagement Ring with us, where each piece stands as an emblem of luxury, romance, and attainability, crafted to honor the unique journey of every couple.

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Our collections sell out rapidly, and as such, we do not update our online photos frequently. We invite you to visit us directly to view the most current selections of our diamonds.

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Finding a jeweler you can trust isn't always easy. That's why at Alex Wong, we're committed to building trust with every piece we craft. Explore our Google Reviews to see the experiences and trust our customers share.

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We highly recommend booking a personal viewing appointment for the best experience. Seeing and testing our diamonds in person allows you to truly appreciate their beauty and ensures the perfect fit.

When scheduling your visit, please share your preferences and budget with us. We are dedicated to providing tailored recommendations and are eager to assist you in selecting the ideal gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a budget of $10,000, you're well-positioned to explore a wide variety of diamond engagement rings. This budget allows for a selection across any diamond shape, typically securing a diamond around the 1.50 carat mark. Proposing is a momentous occasion, and this budget ensures it can be both special and memorable.

The cost of wedding rings in Singapore varies widely, ranging from S$600 to S$100,000. For many couples in Singapore, a typical engagement ring with a 0.5 to 1.0-carat diamond is expected to cost between S$1,200 and S$10,000, catering to a range of budgets and preferences.

The 3-month salary rule for engagement rings originated from a marketing campaign in the 1930s, suggesting that dedicating three months' salary to a ring was a testament to one’s commitment and love. This guideline has since become a traditional benchmark for some, though it's not universally followed.

Spending $5,000 on an engagement ring is considered by many to be a reasonable investment, offering access to a selection of beautiful rings. The perception of this amount varies based on personal financial situations and priorities.

On average, couples in Singapore spend between $2,000 to $10,000 on an engagement ring. While it's possible to find stunning rings within this price range, the final decision on how much to spend should align with your personal budget and preferences.

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